What is a Diamond Search Engine?

A diamond search engine is a specialized online tool or platform that allows users to search and filter through a vast inventory of diamonds from various sources including different diamond dealers, retailers, and wholesalers. It provides users with the ability to specify their preferences and criteria, such as diamond shape, carat weight, color, clarity, cut, and price range, to find diamonds that match their desired specifications.

The Diamond App is not only a diamond search engine that partners with these reputable online jewelers, but also a diamond price tracker that maintains a database of historical loose diamond prices.

Diamond Price Tracker

Believe it or not, diamond prices are NOT set in stone! Diamond prices fluctuate every single day. In fact, the price of an individual diamond might go up and down multiple times in just a few hours.

Knowing the price history of a diamond before you make a purchase is critical. Believe me, I would have paid $633 more for my diamond if I bought it a day earlier.

Diamond price history graphs

The Diamond App displays a historical price graph for each of the 1,016,901 loose diamonds on the website. These graphs reveal how the cost has gone up or down over time. As a result, you can determine if a particular loose diamond is a good deal at a given time.

Even more, The Diamond App will notify you when the price of a diamond changes. All you have to do is pick out a diamond that catches your eye, and we'll let you know when the diamond price drops.

Track diamond prices

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